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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Still Nothing.

No mail from TB yet, directly, since he wrote to my dad and asked that I write to him. The only TB related mail has been an envelope that I accidentally put in the mail to TB without postage. It was returned yesterday.

I'm hopeful today, although I typically wake up each day with the same sort of refrain in my mind that Hon and I would repeat to each other, every Wednesday. Wednesdays were the only days we were allowed to call The Girl, his daughter (also affectionately known as DQ, Drama Queen). We would wake up and before we even said "Where's the coffee?" or "Good Morning" it was "We get to call TG today." And that was every week, without fail. Now each morning, without fail, I hear in my head, "He may write today."

But hope is a funny thing - it grows where there should be none, and it takes the smallest of rain to get it started. Observe my rain, in the form of today's horoscope:

Hello Peacemongermom!
Here's your horoscope for SEPTEMBER 13, 2006.

If you've been hoping for a lucky break, this is the day when it might come - especially if it involves love and romance. You might have been hoping beyond hope for acknowledgment on the job front, in the field of education, or by someone who means a lot to you. Whatever breaks come your way are likely to move you emotionally in an intense way. You won't be the same. Have a great day!
And we all know that horoscopes are never wrong.


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