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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote, Dammit!

All my life I have been a huge vocal cheerleader for voting. Okay, all my adult life. So today, here is the requisite cheer: Go Vote. Go vote now, today, immediately. We have to get those in power who are responsible for all this carnage, for all this greed and corruption and incredibly incompetant behavior out of office. This is what you need to keep in mind before you enter the polling place to pull a lever, or depress a little computer button on a machine that can be hacked with a minibar key:

Katrina Neglegence
Condoning Torture
Leaking Atomic Secrets
Giving Osama Bin Laden a Pass
Protecting Only Republicans
The Teenage Page Scandals
Not Implementing 9/11 Commission's Recommendations
Spying on Americans
Fixing Elections
Cutting and Running from Afghanistan
Tax Cuts in Wartime
Corporate Cronyism
Global Warming
Jack Abramoff
Turning Off America's Beacon of Fairness and Freedom
My Pet Goat

And let's not forget dirty tricks. Don't underestimate those who are in power, and want to stay in power. The republicans are not the party of "family values" anymore, they're not the party of "fiscal responsibility" - they are nothing more than authoritarians. This bodes doubleplusgood for the country, people, if they remain in authority. These people will do anything - ANYTHING - to stay in power.

Finally, I leave you with one more link - please do read it, because this woman writes so well, and she writes as a woman in a country where my son may be spending his 20th birthday next year. For TB's sake, for the sake of all the soldiers, for the sake of the civilians in Iraq and elsewhere, already a victim of Bush's brand of "democracy" - please vote. And please vote with your conscience, your brain, and your heart.


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