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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Word

Privatization. That word has been pissing me off for a long, long time. I first heard it a long time ago, when there was a corporation in the town where I lived at the time planning to take over the work at the jail. "Hmmm," I thought at the time. "Why not? Seems like a good idea to me! That way the Sheriff's Department can put more of the Deputies to work doing other things, things relating to keeping the community safe."


Fast forward a few years, and that privatized jail issue had morphed into a full blown scandal, involving much kickbacks, enormous amounts of graft and prisoners being mistreated, untreated and treated badly.

Privatization is another word for profiteering. It's a pretty way to say things like "Sorry, Soldier, but I know your enlistment is up, but we need you to put your ass in harm's way until we say you can stop. Sort of a Stop-Loss for us, you know." No, that's called a fucking draft, and you should call it what it is. It's unfair at its core concept.

Just like priva--profiteering.

The school I attend where I am getting my master's has a rhetoric program, and that's what I am going to study for my Ph.D. Wonder if I can do my dissertation on Privateering/Profiteering, Stop-Loss/Indentured Servitude type twistings from these idiots in the Bush administration?

Probably a bad idea. Excessive exposure to a topic like that would set my hair on fire. My eyeballs would melt. At this point, I'm thinking I write about puppies and kittens. Nobody can hate on puppies and kittens.

Well, Ann Coulter probably could.

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