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Monday, May 28, 2007

So What Do YOU Do for Fun?

What a big week it's been for me. The thrills, they just never stop here in the Home of the Peacemongermom. After many weeks (literally) of growing and increasing frustration - frustration that grew like the itch of athlete's foot when one is restricted to hiking boots - I finally was able to get back to work on my thesis. Within a few days (three? I can't recall. It's all rather a blur now) I was able to finish up Chapter 4 (which I am still referring to as Chapter 4, much as one continues to call a child "the baby" even after she is up, walking and shoplifting things in another city) which is really Chapter 5, or at least it will be once I renumber these bloody chapters. Chapter 1 grew into Chapter 1 and 2, bumping each of its siblings up a number. Anyway! Chapter 4 is in first draft status - dammit, Chapter FIVE is in first draft status, and Chapter 3 (which used to be Chapter 2) is in 3rd draft status. Wait. Hold on. I'm getting confused. Clearly my next step should be organizing my drafts to correspond with exactly what number the Chapter actually is. Ah yes! Organization, the procrastinator's most significant and worthwhile tool in her toolbelt of Superior Dawdling!

Anyway, I had what could only be described as an explosive flurry of frustration-fueled productivity (dammit, surely there's a word for productivity that begins with the letter "f") and have not only managed to churn out a good bit of work to turn in to Dr. C for her review and butchering, uh, gentle suggestions for revision, but I have also put together my online class. That took the better part of a day, and even then, Dr. C still found things like my misspelling of the word "Plagiarism" in the site. But I have managed to be very productive.

Unfortunately for me, that level of work cannot continue. I lose track of the days, I forget to eat, and then when the flurry of work is over, I am exhausted and my brain wants nothing more than to do this:

Yes, those are, indeed, Sims. The Sim that you see on the floor? That's a Sim patterned after my BFF, who is also working on her Thesis. The sim that you see standing and holding a scythe? That's the Grim Reaper. We call him, alternatively, Deadline (ha!), Our Committee, and occasionally, The Thesis Embodied. The other sim, standing up and pleading for the dead sim's life is the wife of the sim who died (yes, in my world of Sims, George W. Bush and his cronies would be MOST UNCOMFORTABLE and you may rest assured that they would wet their pants many times, be left in a swimming pool without a ladder, and likely be killed many times over by swarms of flies and possibly by a good lightning strike or two). The dude in the kitchen? That's the maid.

ANYWAY. This is what I do to recover from the hell that is my thesis. I Sim. Yes, yes, it's true. I do sometimes channel the soul of a 13 year old boy from time to time. I have been known to laugh at a fart joke or two. I get so tired from all the THINKING I have to do, and how much life controls me, that sometimes I like to just control others, and make things work out well for them (yes, yes, I know it looks a little dire for CourtKnee and her wife, Demi, but CourtKnee rallys nicely after Demi saves her from death...Grimmy is notoriously bad at games of chance). The only down side to this form of relaxation is that I frequently find myself still sitting at the computer at 2am, frantically searching for JUST THE RIGHT love interest for my sim. I am, if nothing else, consistent: I am a Type A personality about most everything. Even my relaxation.

Yesterday I was so tired, so worn out from all the thinking and working, that I took a few hours to visit with my Sims. Ah, what have they been up to while I worked on my thesis? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The lazy buggers. But that will change, oh yes it will, because I can now make them work in the garden, too! If I have to work on my thesis, by cracky, they're going to be doing some manual labor as well!

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