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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ah, The Speed With Which Life Changes.

I'm teaching three classes. I'm donedonedone with my thesis. I'm looking at a deadline dealing with a paper to be presented at a conference that is considerably earlier than I thought (okay, I totally forgot about it). I'm looking at some looming deadlines dealing with applying to various other schools (which is, ostensibly, the reason I tool the year off). I have no writing sample to submit with my applications (hopefully my paper that I present can do double duty). I also might have to take the GRE again, dammit, as well as take the subject test. The Girl (TG) just came to stay with us, and is sleeping on the sofa while Son-In-Law (SILy) goes home and tidies things up so that he can come up here too. There's not enough room in this apartment for me and Hon to walk past each other in the hall and frequently get in each other's way in various other rooms. All our closets are full. Her clothes are on a rack in the hallway. The dog is starting to look nervous.
I got a nosebleed the other day. My blood pressure is up again. On the up side, I'm not taking any classes, so I'm able to read more of this awesome series of books I have run across dealing with murder mysteries and herbs. I have always been fascinated with herbs and plants and this series is really great. The funny thing is, though, how happy I really am to have TG here. Things are becoming similar, but not the same, as the way that the were At Home, and I find this reassuring. I have missed, very much, my time as a mom back home when the kids lived with us, then near us.

Then again, I also miss being able to make my morning coffee in the nude. But one can't have everything, can one?


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