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My son just enlisted in the military. I'm a peace activist. Why couldn't he have rebelled in some other way, like being republican?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thank goodness the kids are moving in for a while, I've found myself thinking recently. As I watch the news and see the continuing parade of pictures of dead soldiers at the end of the News Hour every night, I worry more and more about The Boy being in Iraq. I have found myself wondering, over and over again, like a broken record, how I am going to stand it when he is gone. How will I avoid becoming a basket case? Have you ever waited for a bus? For a doctor's office? For a dentist's visit? I hate waiting, and I will have to begin a 15 month wait the second that I last see him.

Fortunately, TG and SILy will do a great deal to distract me. Thank God for the distractions of life, and I pray for many of them.


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